Collaborate with the customer to confront the challenges of global corporation competition
YihYing Enterprise Limited was established in 1988 and handles the production of pneumatic and oil pressure automatic dedicated machines. In order to respond to the demands of customers from the precision casting industry, the company focused on the development and production of high precision dewax casting equipment. During the latest 20 years, our company has developed a very unique wax cooling system, wax injection system and a flexible and modular machinery structure that possesses high variability assembly and arrangements, in accordance to manufacturing conformed to customized requirements, and obtained numerous related patent rights. In order to make the equipment closer to the customer’s requirements, our company has put in innumerable efforts with a wide range of communication, trying hard to understand the customer’s requirements, and develop equipments according to the customer’s requirements, and obtain a more human, more automated and more labor-saving mechanical structures, mechanical equipments that can improve the customer’s production efficiency product quality.

In recent years our company has seen that in every market labor costs have increased, and environmental protection concerns have increased. So we have even more actively developed numerous post production process related equipments, in order to facilitate the client during plant planning and have flexibility in their application. In response to the impacts of globalization, other that adjust the company’s type of organization, on the basis of modern business philosophy, we work incessantly to advance the company’s entire technical capabilities and improve production process, to provide high quality and high performance parts, setting ourselves as working partners of our customers, and collaborate with them to confront the challenges of global corporation competition.

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Company History 
Completed development of fully electric starch mixing labor-saving equipment.
Developed CE equipment and obtained certification, and started marketing in the European community.
Developed shell manufacturing related equipment and obtained numerous patent rights.

Officially adopted man-machine interface.

Developed proportional control system for wax injection machines.
Liquid wax cooling equipment and wax injection structure obtained patent rights in the USA.
Entered Japanese domestic precision casting industry.
Because of expanded production, relocated factory to current location.
Established representative office in Taiyuan, Shanxi, mainland China.
Begun marketing in USA market.
Begun exporting equipment to mainland China and South-East Asian countries.
Created liquid wax supply pump and obtained patent rights.
Fully computerized operation for management office and design department.
Wax injection machine obtained numerous mainland China patent rights.
Created liquid wax cooling equipment for automatic wax supply system and obtained patent rights.
Created full-automatic wax mold manufacturing machine and obtained patent rights.
Purchased factory building and started researching and manufacturing was injection machines.
Established YihYing Company, started production of precision casting equipment.
Established Hsin-Chien Industrial Corp. to manufacture precision automation dedicated machines.

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Wax water removal machine Sand floating machine  
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